About Us

Lannie's Design is family owned and operated. It was founded in 2014. We are committed to making affordable jewelries and accessories with good quality materials. All the jewelries and accessories you will find at Lannie's Design shops are not mass produced but handmade. Each piece is designed and carefully crafted to cater ladies who either love the fashion forward style or the classic and simple style. At Lannie's Design, we understand that a jewelry purchase is often made to express one's love for the wearer, and to celebrate life's special occasions. Each piece should be as unique as the moment it commemorates. This is why we hand craft every piece of our jewelry with love using tarnish resistant wires, sterling silver, gold, glass and gemstone beads and other interesting media. 

About the Designer

The jewelries and accessories are all handmade by the owner and designer, Lannie Armstrong at her very own crafting room. She is a loving wife to a very supportive husband Michael. She was a school teacher for eight years. She was born and raised in the Philippines. She believes that her creativity and resourcefulness begin to develop at a young age due to their limited family resources. She experienced selling candies to her classmates and making handmade greeting cards and selling them in a store in front of their school when she was in college. She is also a blogger, a missionary and a freelance photographer. Her husband is a full time federal employee. They met each other through social media when she requested to friends with him on facebook. Three years after being friends on social media, they met each other through a medical mission trip in the Philippines and the following year they got married and now live happily together in Maryland.

For her, jewelry making started as a hobby when her mother-in-law, Sharon gave her a jewelry making kit. She watched tutorials, read books and used her creative juices to make her first jewelries, which she had given away to her family and friends. In 2012, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to find a way to help raise funds for her mom's medication in the Philippines so she made jewelries and sold them to her friends through jewelry parties.

Lannie's Design opened their first online shop at etsy.com and later on opened a couple more stores at bonanza.com, storenvy.com, scottsmarketplace.com and zibbet.com.

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