Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Many of us are excited about the New Year because it symbolizes new beginning and new hope. 

The beginning of 2017 was a little rough for me and my family. We were in the process of healing our hearts from loosing my mom to cancer. Life was never been the same and I begin to understand pain a little better. I have experienced heart break and pain before but it is nothing compared to losing your precious Mama. Looking back at the end of the year reminds me of how the Lord has brought us through the pain and how He used it to make us stronger. He is faithful indeed.

We were able to go back to the Philippines for the medical mission  from May to June and as always we had a great time. I always say this but I will say it again. We are so grateful to be able to join the team and help serve. What a wonderful privilege indeed.

Lannie’s Design continues to grow. I implemented a lot of things to our business to make jewelry gifting a little easier for our customers. We added sterling silver ear cuffs and this year we are working on adding silver-filled and gold-filled wire ear cuffs. I also designed a few wire wrapped design, which I plan to also make using precious metal.

Every year, new challenges arise but though all these I know that God is good and it is an opportunity to learn something new and improve to make things better.

May this New Year bring refreshment and reminds all of us that there’s something to look forward to. Welcome 2018! Let us make the most out of the new opportunity the Lord has given us.

My favorite couples picture in 2017 when hubby and I attended the Sweethearts Dinner at our church.

In case you are looking for a sweet treat for this year, come checkout lanniesdesign.etsy.com to get your first jewelry of the year. Enjoy!